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Seamus and Ice - Playtime - October 21, 2012

These are pictures of the Seamus and his best friend Ice playing in my backyard.

Click on an image for a larger version.


And waiting...

Still waiting...

Where is she?

She's here! Ice is here!

Let's go in.

I'll meet you 'round the other side.

That was fun!

Play some more...

Uh, oh. They are watching us.

I'll get you!


Posing as angels...

Taking a break

Get up!

Yeah, you!

Come on!

Take that!

And that!

And that!

Ha ha. You got what you asked for...

Break time



Time for more...

(play, play, play)

(play, play, play)

(play, play, play)


Teeth again

And more teeth

And more...

I think they are singing...

You better run!

That was fun!

Take that!

Oh, yeah?

YOU take that!

Did you see that?

Fooled ya!

Nuh uh!

You are going down!

We're getting tired...

Fa la la la la...

One last attack...