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Dear Fellow Jew...

Yep. That's how the letter started.

Some Numb Nutz decided that I was Jewish and needed to have a bunch of bullshit spewed at me.

This happened once before - way back when I first moved into my house.

That was back in 1983.

Back then the letter Mr. Numb Nutz sent me was identical to what he sent me this time.

And at the bottom of Page 4 of both letters Mr. Numb Nutz sez:

"...and I'll not write to you again."

Well, obviously he did.

Have I not lived up to the standards of the life that Mr. Numb Nutz insists is 'the way'?

Fuck him. I don't give a shit.

My reaction last time?

I burned the letter in my backyard.

This time I'm posting his excretion here on my web site for all to peruse.

And my advice to Mr. Numb Nutz?

Go Suck a Bible!

Mr. Numb Nutz contact info:

The Envelope:

The Letter - Page 1...

The Letter - Page 2...

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The Letter - Page 4...

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