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WinRunLog version 3.1

A Logbook for Runners

WinRunLog allows you to record and maintain dates, distances, times and notes regarding your running activities.

WinRunLog can also be used to calculate a pace, time or distance given two of those three variables.

WinRunLog generates and displays weekly, monthly, yearly and 'from/thru' distance statistics.

WinRunLog stores all log information in a file.

View the winrunlog_readme.html file

Screen shots:

Download (933 Kbytes).

Note to Windows 8.x and above users:

The WinRunLog installation file does not run on any version of Windows above version 7.

If you are a user of Windows 8.x and above and want to use WinRunLog, download Extract the files and put them all in one folder. That will allow you to use WinRunLog in the Windows 8.x and above environment.


Download (310 Kbytes).